Katie Cazorla’s Mobile Spa Tour

Katie Cazorla, nail-salon entrepreneur and star of Nail Files on TV Guide Network, brought her glamorous nail care from The Painted Nail Salon in LA to the Twin Cities this week. As part of a promotional excursion for the show’s second season, the Mobile Spa Tour has taken the effervescent business woman to several US cities, including San Diego, Chicago and Portland. The bedazzled bus made a stop at the MN State Fair and offered free mini manicures to the fans who visited her team of fab nail technicians. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cazorla during her appearance at the Southdale Mall for some girl talk on beauty and fashion, as well as her new appreciation for Minneapolis.

SF: What inspired you to develop the Nail Files Mobile Spa?

KC: I feel that’s important to experience different cities and know what each city likes and how people dress, what their fashion is like. You can’t just come here and think that everyone is going to love everything that comes out of LA. Every city has something to offer.

 SF: The Mobile Spa looks great and looks just like a glam bus. Does it resemble your salon in LA?

KC: It is a fun, smaller version of The Painted Nail Salon, with the chandeliers, cozy chairs, soft purple pillows and blankets and professional nail technicians. The only thing that is missing is the complimentary bar, where I would serve wine or champagne. Sometimes we’ve done specialty drinks, such as a margarita pedi with a margarita cocktail.

SF: What piece of beauty advice would you like to share with us?

KC: As long as your nails and toes are polished, people will think that you are put together, even if you have your hair in messy bun. You can create a lovely illusion that you spent hours getting ready, when really it took you under 10 minutes to pull your look together.

SF: Owning a salon like The Painted Nail Salon, which opened in 2009, was a dream of yours. What are some of the challenges of owning and managing a business?

KC: When you own a business, it’s inevitable that there will be problems everyday. It’s like being in a sitcom like The Brady Bunch. First there’s panic but by the end of the day, it’s OK again. My goal for the success of the business and in my life is to keep it together throughout the stressful times and help things happen at a normal manner.

SF: What has your experience in Minneapolis been like so far?

KC: I really give props to the Twin Cities for having such open-minded views, especially for being a supporter on the issue of the equality of marriage. It’s so amazing to see that in the Midwest. I’m also inspired by the fashion scene here, and that people’s styles are just or even more creative than in cities on the West Coast.

SF: Looking ahead to the Fall fashion trends, what is your favorite look for nails?

KC: I’m seeing a lot of nail appliques mixed with either gel or regular lacquers. I love the way that people are experimenting with their nails. It’s not just a French mani anymore. People are taking it to the next level by throwing some neon colors. I’ve had requests from business women dressed in conservative suits for a neon yellow or green shade. It’s possible to be conservative in our clothing and still have fun with our accessories, such as our fingernails. Our nails are tiny canvases, and it’s easy to interchange, much easier than compared to altering a hair color, if the look is too outrageous or we become bored with the style. It’s a great time to be doing nails and I love all of the accessibility we have available as nail techs today.

SF: We all want to have beautiful, red-carpet ready nails, but most of us don’t have the luxury of an $200 treatment. What is an affordable option?

KC: I love the idea of re-usable nail coverings. Most of us don’t have a team of hair, makeup, nails and dress stylists prior to an major event or party. I developed a collection of fun nail shapes, colors and patterns that cover the entire nail. Some have 3D accents so you can create the cool styles of Fergie or Katy Perry for your nail routine. I haven’t seen something like that on the market yet. Hopefully the collection will be available in the next couple of months.


SF: What’s the next stop on the Mobile Spa Tour?
KC: We are visiting Detroit and then St. Louis. But first I am planning a shopping trip to the MOA!

Thank you to Katie for your time and insight. You can catch Nail Files on TV Guide Network on Sundays at 8 pm/Central (local Comcast Channel 127)

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