Style your iPad with Color for Spring

Now that you’ve bought the beautifully designed iPad for work or play, you want to keep it looking its best for a long time.  I like to keep mine in a leather case to prevent scratches or damage. The case also makes it easier for me to rest the iPad on a table or on my lap for reading. Just like bold colors are popping up on everything from clothes to accessories, you can purchase a colorful case to add a dash of fashion to your technology.

Right now I am liking the bright floral case from Lodis, available for $108 at The cheerful colors bring Spring’s pretty pinks and oranges tones to my gadget, while the sophisticated craftsmanship of the leather’s texture gives the case a modern edge. Known for its classic leather goods, including handbags and wallets, Lodis has been creating unique styles since 1965 in Madrid, Spain. The tradition of beauty and design sensibility began with a union between Lowe of Spain and designer Dan Segat, and combined their initials to create the fashion house which continues today in the U.S.

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